Wisteria Garden Circle

Tallahassee Garden Club

   May 23

Garden to Glass

Add delicious results from your garden to summertime drinks.

Add delicious results from your garden to summertime drinks.


   Oct 17

Wisteria’s October Meeting

We had a great time at the Wisteria Circle’s October meeting. Sinced carved pumpkins last only a few days in our climate, we experimented with paint, and some of us used foam pumpkins. Several of the ideas came from this website. Here are a few of the creative designs!

Mary and Susan used gold metallic spray paint...


then hot-glued buttons and ribbons.


Garnet and gold pumpkins!


Dianna painted cats on her foam pumpkin.


The spooky side of the pumpkin (for Rob)!


Leisa made a big eyeball pumpkin.


Donna's hairy scary pumpkin!


Julanne used cheesecloth and googly eyes (of course) to make a Mummy.


Sara painted a beautiful green witch.


Pumpkin Ginger Cupcakes. The secret ingredient: crystallized ginger


   Nov 19

Loving My Fall Arrangement

I had a great time at the TGC Fun with Flowers this week and I was really pleased with the arrangement I brought home. I’ve received lots of compliments, but the best one was “Where did you get this?”


   Nov 18

Float Like a Butterfly

I’m finding so many cool things. Now, a new vertical garden tool for air plants.


   Nov 16

Concrete Flame Thingies

In case any of you get the itch to do another concrete project, there’s a pretty cool one here.

Photo via b3 Home Designs



   Nov 07

Keep Cut Flowers “Perky”

At the very least, a VERY interesting science fair project!



   Aug 18

New TGC Website!

The Tallahassee Garden Club (TGC) has launched a new, beautifully-designed website. The new website features information on joining the club, renting the facility, and participating in TGC events. When you visit the site, you can access a calendar events, read about state and national efforts, and find out about local efforts and TGC activities. Our own Andrea volunteered her time and efforts to make this new website possible. Her passion for easy, intuitive navigation and visual appeal are obvious in the website’s simplicity and streamlined information.

Please visit the website, click around, marvel at the wisdom of promoting an organization online, and let Andrea know how much you appreciate her great work:  www.tallahasseegardenclub.com


   Jun 03

New Tomato Plants from Suckers: New Method

YouTube Preview ImageHey everybody! Check out this very interesting way to quickly get new tomato plants from your mature tomatoes. Instead of just pinching off the suckers and rooting them you let them make roots while attached to the mother plant. Very cool idea.


   Mar 28

Thomasville Flower Show Field Trip

Here are a couple of pictures from our field trip to the Thomasville Flower Show on March 26. We also visited Geko Gardens Nursery and for some great deals. Geko is a nice option for when you want to skip the crowds at Tallahassee Nursery. Finally, we tooled around town and finished up with lunch at Jonah’s Fish & Grits. Deeeelish!


   Feb 21

Mini-Water Feature Workshop

Thanks to everyone who attended last week’s water feature workshop.  We had a great time, made a big mess, and learned a lot.  I’m posting pictures of two of the finished projects here. The first one, the metal pitcher, was completed by Peggy.  The second includes a planter with a water feature inserted inside it.  If you’ve made a mini-water feature (or even a large one!), please add your pictures here!