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New TGC Website!

   Aug 18

New TGC Website!

The Tallahassee Garden Club (TGC) has launched a new, beautifully-designed website. The new website features information on joining the club, renting the facility, and participating in TGC events. When you visit the site, you can access a calendar events, read about state and national efforts, and find out about local efforts and TGC activities. Our own Andrea volunteered her time and efforts to make this new website possible. Her passion for easy, intuitive navigation and visual appeal are obvious in the website’s simplicity and streamlined information.

Please visit the website, click around, marvel at the wisdom of promoting an organization online, and let Andrea know how much you appreciate her great work:  www.tallahasseegardenclub.com


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  1. DiannaN says:

    Love the new look and feel of TGC’s web presence. Great job Andrea!

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