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Wisteria’s October Meeting

   Oct 17

Wisteria’s October Meeting

We had a great time at the Wisteria Circle’s October meeting. Sinced carved pumpkins last only a few days in our climate, we experimented with paint, and some of us used foam pumpkins. Several of the ideas came from this website. Here are a few of the creative designs!

Mary and Susan used gold metallic spray paint...


then hot-glued buttons and ribbons.


Garnet and gold pumpkins!


Dianna painted cats on her foam pumpkin.


The spooky side of the pumpkin (for Rob)!


Leisa made a big eyeball pumpkin.


Donna's hairy scary pumpkin!


Julanne used cheesecloth and googly eyes (of course) to make a Mummy.


Sara painted a beautiful green witch.


Pumpkin Ginger Cupcakes. The secret ingredient: crystallized ginger


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