Wisteria Garden Circle

Tallahassee Garden Club

   Jun 11


Wisteria Circle is part of the Tallahassee Garden Clubs (TGC) and the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs (FFGC). Wisteria is one of 26 circles under the TGC umbrella. Our members are primarily working women and mothers who have to schedule time to garden around all their other priorities, but who nonetheless are passionate about enriching their lives through gardening.

Except for the hot summer months from June until September, we meet once monthly on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm. We meet to learn about gardening, ecology, and good stewardship, and we do lots of hands-on, creative activities. We talk about organic vegetable gardening, planting with perennials, water gardens, and planting for wildlife. We take field trips to fun places in our area to learn about new gardening techniques or specialty plants. We excel at throwing the best Christmas party this side of the Ochlochonee.

We are a young circle. We formed in 2005, but we are also young in age compared to the typical garden club member. Most of us work full time or have days full of kid herding. We range in age from 30 to oh, say 45 and holding. Some of us have kids in college; some have kids in preschool; some have cats. Some of us are experienced gardeners; some are relatively new to gardening.

Annual dues are $50.00, but you can attend meetings to check us out with no obligation to join. If you’d like a schedule of meeting topics, check out the Programs link on the Topics section on the homepage.


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