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   Nov 23

Fabulous & Fun…Flower Arranging!

What a wonderfully fun night. Lots of beautiful arrangements.


   Nov 14

Succulent Wreath

In the next few weeks, we will be getting ready for our annual flower arranging class. For some of us, however, creating a flower arrangement for the holidays is not a practical decorating option. Living with indoor cats presents many challenges, not the least of which is their tendency to eat plant material.

If you are one such–cat challenged–home decorator, consider creating a wreath. One of the most  beautiful wreaths I’ve ever seen is a living wreath–consisting of a variety of succulents. It’s much easier than you think, and you can make your purchase of succulent plants go further by dividing your plants. And because succulents root easily, you can even cut them into pieces. To read more about the technique and find links to materials, go to http://www.bhg.com/gardening/container/plans-ideas/make-a-succulent-wreath/A picture of a wreath consisting of a variety of succulent plants.


   Oct 10

I <3 Halloween!

Ain't it skeery?

I love Halloween. I love Halloween with the same joy that five-year olds feel. It’s my absolute most favorite holiday. What better holiday can there be? You get to dress up in costumes and eat all the candy you want! Below are a few more shots from our front yard. I can’t wait for the kiddies to see it when they come by for candy. It’ll scare the crap out of them!


   Sep 27

No Longer Afraid

I was always intimidated by this Century Plant. It’s stayed in a pot for the past five years because I never really knew what to do with it. If I plant it in the yard, will a child brush past it and suffer a gaping wound that sends them to the hospital? Or worse, will the neighbors, on the late night trek home, suffer excruciating impalement and be found the next morning with a pained expression frozen on their faces?

No longer! Thanks to my dear friends in the Wisteria Circle, I can now face this frightening Agave with courage and determination. Armed with a generous supply of tiny googly eyes, I’m fighting back. Heck, I might even convince the kids to let me plant it in the playground. Thanks ladies. Now, does anyone know where I can find a Cholla Cactus?


   Sep 24

Welcome Back!

Welcome back, ladies of Wisteria! (I use the term “ladies” loosely.) Be sure to check back frequently to get updates on meetings, events, and all your favorite gardening topics.

All you new ladies be sure to register in the side bar so you can post your own articles and garden photos. Also, if you use Google Reader or an RSS feed, be sure to add Wisteria so you don’t miss a moment of the action.


   Aug 01

Simplify Your Summer

See…even Martha knows.

I'm such a trendsetter.


   Jul 13

Simplicity in Practice: The Einstein Method

So, this is sort of a Tidy Tip. That is, if your closet is the thing that’s out of control. You can get your closet under control and simplify your daily routine by using what I have termed the Einstein Method of dressing.  I call it this even though it sort of perpetuates the myth that Einstein wore exactly the same thing everyday. When Einstein’s wife Elsa was alive, she was in charge of his wardrobe, and often dressed him in immaculate suits and ties. After Elsa died in 1936, Einstein took to wearing what he wanted (and who could blame him). From then on, he was often spotted in very simple outfits and was known to be fond of soft, gray sweatshirts and sock-less tennis shoes or sandals.

Einstein had it going on.

Now, not all of us have the option of hanging out in our favorite sweats, but we can translate this idea of paring down into our own wardrobe. It may seem like a completely boring way to live, but after trying it for a while, I’ve found it completely refreshing. You cats might consider doing it just for one area of your wardrobe–for instance, your work clothes.

For my work palette, I’ve chosen black, gray, camel, white, and navy (only because these are my favorite colors). If you like hot pink, however, choose hot pink.  Be forewarned, though, not many things match hot pink. Except for maybe lime green.

So, with my palette selected, I can, at any point, throw pieces together without having to even consider whether they match. I no longer have that one shirt that only goes with that one skirt–and I don’t have to find a spot to store non-mixable pieces, either. No more standing in front of the closet for ages trying to decide what to wear. Morning routine–simplified! Also and added benefit: shopping–simplified! It’s so much easier to shop now that I’m not inundated by a ridiculous number of choices. I can easily zero in on that adorable gray sweater on the rack rather than the sparkly, sequin hot pants calling my name from the corner. If, however, the hot pants could be worn under my work clothes, well, then…maybe. I think we all need more sequined hot pants in our lives, don’t you?

Now, if your clothes are your method for expressing yourself, this may not be for you. You may really need those 500 pairs of shoes and 45 bags. If so, more power to you! For me, a simplified wardrobe is one fewer thing to think about. In this case, fewer choices equals less hassle. And, no…it’s really not boring at all. After all, don’t you end up wearing the same thing over and over anyway?

And, bonus! Since I don’t have to think about what to wear I can take all that extra brain power and put it into something more creative…like this post!

Until next time, KISS (that’s keep it simple, stupid)!

Author’s note: In all honesty, I’m also the creepy person in the grocery store who buys like 20 cans of green beans. I may, in fact, be insane. Or, brillllllllliant!!!!!


   Jul 12

Project #4: Front Yard Part 10,423,765

So, I know we’ll be talking about xeriscaping later this year, but here’s a little preview of what I’ve been working on in my front yard for the past 3 years.

Front Yard, circa 2007. You've come a long way, baby.

As you can see from the before, it was pretty much a blank slate. And, I hate grass. I hate grass like I hate Applebees. I hate mowing. I won’t water. I hate battling weeds. Because of this unadulterated hatred of lawn, my goal for the last three years has been to eliminate most of the grass from my front yard.



   Jul 12

Project #3: Butterfly Reframe

These Simplify Your Summer projects are about creativity and discovery. On this project, I discovered that I DO NOT have nerves of steel. Repeat: DO NOT.  Steady hands? Fugghedaboutit! But, more on that later…

Piece of cake, right?

For this project, I had some framed butterflies that I’d purchased at the flea market forever ago. Yes, they actually do sell something other than dragon-shaped incense holders at the flea market. Anyway, after years of moving, falling on the floor, and being exposed to humidity in the bathroom, the frame was pretty much falling apart. The frame was a weird size, so replacing it would have been too costly. So, I decided that I would transfer the butterflies into a shadowbox frame.



   Jun 27

Project #2: Guest Bathroom Mini-Makeover

Here's a sample of a bathroom in our neighborhood. You get the idea--fuuuuuuugly.

So here’s the deal: Three years ago, our bathroom was ugly. Not just ugly, but fugly (no offense, Le Boy). The harlequin diamond patterned wallpaper and builder-basic boring fixtures didn’t exactly create the relaxing spa-like experience one would hope for in a bath. As our house is a starter home, I’ve been keeping our bathroom updates on the cheap.

So far, I’ve primed and painted the wallpaper (which already looks about a milliondy times better) and replaced the boring chrome towel rack with an oil rubbed bronze-colored beauty.

After replacing the towel rack, I sort of created a new problem. I now have an oil rubbed-bronze towel rack, chrome toilet paper holder, and brushed nickel light fixture. See the problem? If not, read the previous sentence again. Bronze, chrome, brushed nickel. Now, for some people, this might not be an issue. But, for me–this ain’t gonna cut it.